2020 Townsville Junior Cup

Want to play touch football in paradise? Nominate your touch footy team to play at the 2020 Townsville Junior Cup today!

The Townsville Junior Cup is a non-representative junior touch football carnival, held in Townsville on the first weekend in October (this year the 3-4th October), and it's open to all affiliates, schools, clubs, and teams from across the country (provided you can meet COVID-19 regulations*)!

You can start the nomination process at the bottom of this page, but make sure you've read all of the information below first.


Team Nomination is free! That's right, there's no team fee, just a player fee (see below)!

Player Registration Fee: $50 NOW ONLY $30 per player (thanks to our awesome event parters!)

Important Dates

  • Team Nominations close - 10pm Sunday 20 September, 2020
  • Player Registrations close - 10 Sunday 27 September, 2020
  • Pre-Event Check-In (all Team Managers) - between 5pm & 7pm Friday 2 October 2020
  • Townsville Junior Cup - Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 October 2020

The Carnival

Day one - Saturday - your team will play round games in their age group. Throughout the day they'll also have the chance to win some great prizes by competing in team relays and other competitions.

Day two - Sunday - your team will play at least one game in the morning, then progress into the knockout stages of the event. At the end of the knockout stages, we'll have the best two teams in each age group play off against each other for the top prize - the 2020 Townsville Junior Cup!

Conditions of Entry

To make sure you're aware of the rules and regulations around how we'll conduct the event, be sure to read the Event Conditions of Entry before nominating!


(Updated 14/09/2020)

Age Divisions

The event is split into the following age divisions:

  • Under 10 Boys, Under 10 Girls
  • Under 12 Boys, Under 12 Girls
  • Under 14 Boys, Under 14 Girls
  • Under 16 Boys, Under 16 Girls

Team Requirements

All teams must have a coach and a manager aged 18 years or older at the event. If your coach and manager are not at your game, the game will not be able to start and you will forfeit.

All teams must supply a referee to the event, that is capable of refereeing at the same age level as your team (i.e. if you nominate a team in the 14 Girls age division, your referee must be capable of refereeing that same age level). All referees must be an accredited Touch Football Australia referee (minimum Level 1).

Your team must be available to play games across the whole event (both Saturday and Sunday). The draw will not be adjusted to allow teams to come late or leave early.

All players in the team must wear the same shirt colour, but that's it! Players in the wrong shirt colour won't be allowed to take the field.

The Location

Play touch footy in paradise, against the backdrop of Townsville's iconic Castle Hill, and just a stone's throw away from The Strand!

Queens Park Touch Fields are located right in the heart of the city, close to plenty of accomodation and attractions.

Need More Information?

If you need more information, just email us and we'll be happy to help!



Question: Why is this on at the same time as NYC and QLD Junior State Chamionships?
Answer: Representative players already have enough events to play touch football at, so the Townsville Junior Cup is being run to give those non-representative players a chance to play in a junior touch football carnival away from the pressure of competing against teams stacked with higher-level representative players.

Question: What if my team can't find a suitable referee?
Answer:  Your team won't be able to nominate, and if they do, they'll be withdrawn from the event.

Question: My team is coming from outside Townsville, can I pay a local referee instead of bringing one?
Answer: We won't stop you this year, but local referees will be aligned to local teams as a first preference, so you should bring one from your own area instead.

Question: Does my team's referee have to be there for the entire event?
Answer: Yes. If your referee is not available, then you will need to supply a replacement referee (who can referee at the same age level as your team) for the time that your nominated referee is not there.

Question: What if my referee does not show up to their games?
Answer: Your team will be withdrawn from the competition until they do.

Question: What if my team can't stay for the entire weekend?
Answer: We may accept your team nomination, but we won't make any allowances for your team in the draw, which means you may have to forfeit 

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