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While it's not for everyone, refereeing is an extremely rewarding experience for many people. Referees are considered some of Touch Football's most dedicated and highly regarded participants.

Townsville Junior Touch Football pays referees for giving up their time to officiate matches during the season, and for a junior referee, the cheque at the end of the season can be very rewarding.

Apart from that, attending a referees course is a great way to learn the rules of Touch Football, and can aid players in their understanding of the game.

All referees of junior Touch Football matches in Townsville are required to possess (as a minimum) a Level One Touch Football Referee accreditation from Touch Football Australia

Becoming accredited is easy and is done and two parts:

  1. Completion of an online coaching course through the Australian Sports Commission; and
  2. Completion of the Touch Football Australia Level 1 Referee course.

To find out more about becoming an accredited Touch Football Referee, see below.

Step One: The Online Officiating Course

The Australian Sports Commission's Introductory Level Officiating General Principles online course has been developed to assist officials in learning the basic skills they will need to officiate effectively.

The online course is initially available free of charge to Australian officials.

The course contains three modules, which cover a range of general officiating topics, including ethical responsibilities of officials, preparation for officiating, safety, communication, dealing with conflict and people management. The course takes approximately four hours to complete, and there is assessment included within the course. Officials have six months to complete the course after they register.

It all starts with an online coaching course through the Australian Sports Commission:

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Step Two: The TFA Level 1 Referee course

To achieve accreditation as a Touch Football Referee, your next step is to attend and complete a Level 1 Referee course workshop, presented by one of our experienced referees.

NQ Touch in partnership with the Townsville Castle Hill Touch Association provide these courses for free to all members of our association.

The workshop runs for four hours and is strongly focused on practical learning. Participants will cover several topics including:

  • Rules Overview and Officials Code of Ethics
  • Whistle Technique and Signals
  • Referee Positioning
  • Touch Football Australia Policies and Procedures

The next step starts by registering to attend a Level 1 Referee course.

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Take the plunge, become an accredited Touch Football referee today!