Child Safety

Child Safety Information

Townsville Junior Touch Football is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all our young participants, and we take this very seriously!

Under Queensland Government laws, volunteers that work with children are required to possess a current/active "Working With Children check" through the QLD Governments Blue Card Services department.

In general, you will be required to hold a current Blue Card if you are involved in junior sport, but there are some exemptions to this requirement.


Please note that the following questions and answers are subject to change, and clarification should be directed to your club or QLD Blue Card Services.

Q: I have a Blue Card from another sport or club, is this valid for every association/club?
A: The short answer is no. You don't need to apply for a new card, but you will need to "link" your existing card to every organisation you are a member of, and you can do this by completing a 'Link an applicant/cardholder to this organisation' form.

Q: I am coaching my child's team, do I still need a Blue Card?
A: No. As you are providing the same service that your child is participating in, you are not required to hold a Blue Card.

Q: I am refereeing in a junior competition, do I need a Blue Card?
A: Yes, if you are 18+ years of age.

Q: I am turning 18 this year, when do I need to apply for a Blue Card?
A: If you are working with children, you will need to hold a valid Blue Card from the day you turn 18. It is recommended to apply for your Blue Card in advanced so that you are covered.

Q: I have applied for a Blue Card, but have not received it yet. When can I start working with children while I wait?
A: No. You must have your Blue Card and Positive Notice letter issued before you start!

Q: I am from outside Queensland and have a Working With Children Check in my own state. Is it valid in QLD?
A: No. The QLD Government does not recognise checks from outside of QLD.

Q: I am a registered teacher or police officer. Do I require a Blue Card?
A: No, but are required an Exemption Card.

Q: I have been convicted of a criminal offence. Can I still hold a Blue Card?
A: Some offences will disqualify you from holding a Blue Card - pleae visit and to find out more.

For more information about whether you are required to hold a Blue Card, or how to apply for one, please visit

What's New

On 12 June 2018, the Queensland Government announced that they will provide additional funding over the next three years to further strengthen the blue card system by introducing a ‘No Card, No Start’ approach. This will mean that all people working with children will require a blue card before they can start child-related work.

What does this mean for you?

These changes are not anticipated to start until early 2020 so there’s lots of time for you to get ready.

A ‘No Card, No Start’ approach changes the current policy which allows paid employees to commence once their blue card application has been lodged with Blue Card Services.

Volunteers are already subject to ‘No Card, No Start’ requirements so this change will have little impact.