R U OK? Round

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R U OK? Round is Townsville Junior Touch Football's annual round of touch football, in support of R U OK? - the charity behind R U OK? Day that encourages meaningful conversations around mental health.

2023 R U OK? Round


Our R U OK? Round is all about inspiring everyone to ask that simple but important question “Are you OK?” and start a conversation that could change a life.

That’s because we believe in the work of R U OK?, an organisation working to inspire everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and support anyone struggling with life.

Conversations that are geared towards helping people feel supported and connected can make a difference. When we invest more time in our relationships, it can make it easier for people to speak up, access help if needed and access it early.

How Can I Support R U OK? Round?

Supporting Townsville Junior Touch Football's R U OK? Round is as simple as wearing something yellow!

There's only ONE RULE - when you play, wear your normal playing shirt/singlet (your club's playing top). Everything else can be yellow!

Here's some ideas:

  • Yellow shorts
  • Yellow socks
  • Yellow shoes, or shoelaces
  • Yellow bandanas
  • Yellow undershirts (long sleeve shirts worn under your playing shirt/singlet)
  • Yellow facepaint

Be creative! Get together with your team and come up with something different!

If you're a team coach or manager, check out these great resources to help you raise awareness amongst your team!

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